Our Shipping Partners : USPS Priority Mail International

//Our Shipping Partners : USPS Priority Mail International

Our Shipping Partners : USPS Priority Mail International

Shop on your favorite USA websites, and ship globally with the United States Postal Service! The USPS is an excellent international courier. We here at Shop2Ship have the lowest USPS prices in the Package Forwarding Industry. USPS Priority Mail International is a highly recommend budget service for those wanting to gain access to international shipping from USA online stores.

Why we love the USPS!

The United States Postal Service Priority Mail international delivers globally to over 200 countries worldwide. The USPS charges you based on actual weight not dimensional weight. This means it will be the most economical option for items that are lighter and fill up more volume. The USPS is usually a more budget option than the other carriers. It is incredibly safe to ship to first world nations. The USPS may even have lower customs import duties and distribution charges than other carries due to the natures of their service.



USPS Priority Mail International

(International Delivery from the USA within 10-20 days)

The USPS is not the fastest of shippers but it may be the cheapest for your country. Forward your parcels globally with the the USPS.

USPS Express Priority Mail International

(International Delivery from the USA within 7-15 days)

The express option of the USPS Priority Mail international delvers your package marginally faster with a marginally larger price tag. The reliability will still be the same as the standard option but the price will be much closer to Fedex and UPS. If you want faster delivery and greater reliability, we suggest shipping with Fedex or UPS

Other Shipping Options offered by Shop2Ship

The USPS is a great international shipper from the USA but they do have some major flaws. The last nile of delivery is handled by your local countires post office. And thus for countries with unreliable post offices, this USPS option will be incredibly risky. The USPS does have live tracking, so you wont be able to see every step of your packages’ journey as it happens. These are some serious considerations. Shop2Ship highly recommends these carriers listed below over the USPS.

UPS Express & Expedited

UPS is a far better alternative to the USPS. They offer live tracking and extremely fast delivery. They do not use the local post for the last mile of delivery. Shop2Ship members have had very few complaints with UPS and way is remains a more popular and reliable shipping method than the USPS.

FedEx Express


FedEx Economy or Priorty is a much better alternative to the USPS and is highly recommended by Shop2Ship members. They are much faster, extremely reliable, have live tracking and do not use the local post for the last mile of delivery.

DHL Express

DHL Express is a more premium shipping method so may not compete against the USPS in price. The USPS will be much cheaper but will take far longer to deliver your package than DHL. DHL promises 1-4 day international delivery, with is mile ahead of the USPS service.

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