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Leave your items at our warehouse for up to 150 days! Safe & Secure long term storage with Shop2Ship

How to make use of Free Long Term Storage!

Shop2Ship customers are making use of our long term storage for many reasons. Firstly, sales on online US stores happen at certain times of the year. So our customers are making use of the huge discounts on days such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday among other seasonal sales. When the Shop2Ship customer makes use of the discounted sale, these customers can leave their items at our warehouse until they make another purchase with which they want to consolidate. We believe you should not be forced to ship based on time constraints, free long term storage gives our customers some flexibility and time to look at other online storage to purchase what they fancy.


How much will this cost?

The first 100 days are completely free!

From then we will charge you $1 per day for 50 days.

When this period is over, we will contact the customer and notify them that they can either ship their goods internationally, have them returned to the seller or have their item disposed of.
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