Assisted Purchase helps you when you are having trouble paying online for the products due to country or credit card restrictions.

Tell us what product you want and we will take care of the rest!

How to start the Assisted Purchase Service process

Send an email to

Preferably your email will contain a link to the product that you want to purchase.

You can also email a product description and we will find the best price for you.

We will then email you a quote with an ‘easy-to-pay’ invoice that accepts all major credit cards and has a PayPal option.

What items can be purchased?

Any items can be purchased from cell phones to fashion items. You can purchase anything through the Assisted Purchase Service, provided that the items are coming from a USA online store.

The only items that are restricted will be the items that are restricted due to international shipping regulations or a country’s local customs laws.

What are the most popular items to purchase?

The latest Apple devices are usually purchased using this service due to the release dates being delayed in other countries and the huge excitement that surrounds these devices. Amazon is also extremely popular choice because of their prices and product selection.  Tech items such as laptops and gaming systems have been proved to be very popular.

The most common websites for assisted purchase are:

Amazon, Gearbeast, Newegg, Walmart, Apple, Carters, Ralph LaureneBay, Etsy, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, 6pm, Zulily, Anker Direct

Click here to see a list of our Sales Tax-Free Partners


The Shop2Ship Assisted Purchase fee is 9.9% of the items total value. The fee is limited to $79 and has a minimum of $10.

With this fee structure, expensive items such as technology and fashion items are the most popular items to purchase.

Terms & Conditions

All items purchased with a value of over 1000 USD, the buyer will have to provide a photo ID and a payment verification due to the risk that Shop2Ship carries.

Do you have any questions?

Please send us an email at with any question you may have.

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