Shop2Ship Influencing the YACHTING Industry

//Shop2Ship Influencing the YACHTING Industry

Shop2Ship Influencing the YACHTING Industry

Are you an owner, passenger or crew member on a super yacht? Do you travel a lot without a permanent address? Do find yourself needing products or spare-parts that are available on US online stores but there is not local supplier? Look no further that Shop2Ship. We are a package forwarding agency that allows you to get international shipping from incredible online stores such as Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Ralph Lauren and much much more! Shop on USA online stores and have those items shipped internationally with a FREE Shop2Ship account. We ship door-to-door, to where your yacht is docked, your temporary hotel or port office! We are partnered with FedEx, DHL, USPS and UPS to offer the lowest cost express delivery of your packages to over 220 countries worldwide including busy ports and remote island nations.


Catch us on the June 2019 Issue of Dockwalk Magazine!

“Crew have another ally in Shop2Ship, a new shipping service that delivers purchases to crew anywhere in the world. “We have a simple yet very useful business model,” says CEO Abel Horvath of Shop2Ship, who says that they can help captains and crew shop online on any U.S. website like Amazon and Best Buy, then deliver their merchandise wherever they are. “We offer door-to-door international delivery to [more than] two hundred-twenty countries, including remote locations within two to four days,” Horvath says — and their prices are affordable, starting at $14 to ship a package from the U.S. to Macau, and there are no membership fees. “We offer long-term free storage, item consolidation, and many more optional services to fit the needs of all of our clients,” says Horvath. Here’s how it works: / You get a free U.S. address, which you can use to shop online at U.S. stores. / When the package arrives at their location, you’ll get an email and can then select where to forward it via app or online portal./ They’ll forward it to wherever you live/want in the world. Beyond the international shipping cost, the service costs a $5 flat fee per package received at your suite. Membership is free and they plan to introduce premium memberships to reward their frequent shippers in the near future. “The idea of Shop2Ship was born in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain,” says Horvath. “My business partner and I both felt like there is no service out there that would offer a simple yet transparent and affordable solution for buying products in the USA and shipping [them] internationally.” Since launching in 2018, Horvath says they’ve become one of the largest package exporters in Miami with customers in more than 100 countries. “Our services are aimed at anyone who has the desire to purchase goods from the USA and ship it overseas,” he says. “We have existing clients from both large superyachts and small boats but also many clients outside the boating industry.” They’ve shipped globally to more than 113 countries at press time — including big cities, small towns, and island nations — and they plan to increase that number. In fact, due to their success, Shop2Ship is in the process of opening a European branch, which they plan to open by the end of summer. Their new location in Dusseldorf, Germany, will give their members access to products and sellers within the EU. Horvath says that his career ambitions have grown due to being part of Shop2Ship. “Being a part of this competitive industry and being able to make a significant impact in such a short amount time,” he says, has “reinforced my idea that there is a need for a better way to shop and ship from the USA.” Horvath adds that he wants to make it the number one parcel-forwarding company. — LAURA DUNN

See how Shop2Ship is influencing the Super YACHTING Industry

Yacht crew, owners and passengers are all in different countries often without access to their normal stores for supplies or consumer goods. Bring the selection and price of USA online stores to your doorstep with the Shop2Ship Parcel Forwarding Service. The Shop2Ship CEO had an interview with Dockwalk journalist Laura Dunn that is featured in the June issue of the magazine. The recent growth of the Package Forwarding industry has become more relevant to the worldwide yachting community. We truly believe we will create ease of mind of crew members looking for new clothes or tech, engineers needing yacht parts and owners needing all of the above! Passengers on cruse liners also need access to stores like amazon while away on crew can get global delivery to their port of choice from 1-4 days. Shop2Ship is partnered with carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS



Need Super Yacht Spare Parts from US Stores?

Yachts are constantly needing spare parts, but are constantly are located in areas without their trusted suppliers. Shop on the BEST U.S. sites from your trusted supplier of yacht spare parts and have them shipped globally with Shop2Ship. Whether it is the regular spare parts such as small valve pumps or hardware for the online computers, Shop2Ship will be able to delivery anything that is available in the USA to you wherever you are in the world.

International Delivery to Remote Island Nations

Where-ever you are in the world – Shop2Ship will be able to delivery to you. We delivery to remote island nations all over the world! Whether you are in the Caribbean, pacific islands or Indo-asia pacific region, we will be able to deliver to you. We know super yachts travel around the globe often stopping at ports and not having access to reliable suppliers of products can be quite an inconvenience and even cause worry and delays. Shop2Ship’s international delivery service from USA online stores gives you ease of mind. get your trusted products / yacht parts from your favorite USA supplier and delivered to your remote location with Ship2Ship


Shop2Ship is based in MIAMI!!

The yacht industry is extremely popular in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area. We are located at 2229 NW 79th AVE Miami Florida 33122. Next to the MIA International Airport.  Have packages delievered to our location and pick them up when you are docked in Fort Launderdal, Miami Dade or in general South Florida!


Get a FREE Shop2Ship USA Shopping Address Today!

Shop2Ship is an industry leader in Package Forwarding. Sign up today for a free Shop2Ship account with no membership fees or hidden costs. We offer the lowest shipping costs with priority options with excess delivery and economy options that are easy on the wallet.  Shop on multiply stores and bundle all your orders into one box with our consolidation service. Bring the selection of the USA to wherever you are docked. Catch the interview on DockWalk Magazine to see how Shop2Ship is shaping the super yacht industry by helping the seafarers. The June edition of the Dockwalk magazine highlights the benefits of package forwarding from the USA. Shop on stores you love and ship internationally from the USA with Shop2Ship.

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