//PayPal IS HERE!


*Shop2Ship is proud to announce that we have now integrated PayPal into our website and IOS app.*

With this massive change to our payment process we can now offer an easier and quicker checkout process for those who have PayPal accounts.

Shop2Ship has now interrogated PayPal in the customer dashboard! PayPal is an extremely user friendly method of payment. This is especially useful for people having trouble paying using their credit cards. People have trouble using their credit cards because of Bank restrictions or currency restrictions. PayPal payments can be made in your local currency or the Dollar amount stated on the website. You can also save your login information to further speed up the payment process. You can sign up with paypal on the Shop2Ship Dashboard, or you can create an account here.

Parcel Forwarding with Shop2Ship has never been easier. To view the updates sign-in here. To learn about our many service and how consolidation can help you save on shipping costs, click here.  To visit our shipping cost calculator for an estimate. click here.

some common stores that use PayPal are:




JC Penny


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