Package Forwarding from the USA is already the most economical way to shop nowadays. Our experienced shoppers have shared their secrets as to how they get further discounts on these stores.

Parcel Forwarding from the USA


Sign-up to the online stores newsletter. We know that you don’t want to receive newsletters in your email, but the amount of money you can save by signing up to these newsletters is totally worth it. The online stores usually give you a signup discount, which is a great way to start. They also send periodic discounts and promotion codes throughout the year. The newsletters also promote sales which is a good heads up if you don’t frequently visit the site.

YouTubers & Instagram Influencers

If you follow people who promote products that you are interested in, they will give you promo codes and discounts at any time during the year. If you follow Fashion bloggers, you will be able to get discounts on fashion discounts. If you follow fitness bloggers, you may be able to get discounts and nutrition and supplements. Its all about who you watch frequently and where you interest lie.


This app works for most US stores. This app allows you to pay for promo codes that you can use on the online store at checkout.

Online Sales that happen at a particular time of year

The United states have holidays sales around every federal holiday or special time of year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most famous sales days in the year for U.S. stores. But did you know that there are sales on the 4th of July, Memorial day and New Years eve? These sales are less famous but also allow for massive savings. Year-End sales are huge or season end sales are incredible because they are trying to get of stock that is still of incredible quality and highly sought after. Stores also have their own special day, like a birthday sale, that is unique to that store.

Our Favorite Stores

NewEgg, GearBeast, Adidas, Victoria Secret, Best Buy, Apple, Nordstrom

Save with Shop2Ship! Parcel Forwarding from the USA

We offer package forwarding from US sites that offer these amazing discounts. Sign-up and start shopping and shipping to today! Visit our services page to see our variety of services to suit your needs. Please visit our Shipping Rate page to get a quote on shipping costs. PAckage forwarding from the USA has never been this affordable and flexible. We have no membership fees and offer consolidation services to help you combine orders from several different stores.

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