USGOBUY Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship

//USGOBUY Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship
USGOBUY Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship2019-10-16T17:03:57+00:00

Looking for a CHEAPER Alternative to USGOBUY? Look No further than Shop2Ship! is an industry leader in package and parcel forwarding from the USA. They have been around for many years but when looking at their review, you can see huge customer dissatisfaction. From packages being lost to customer who were tricked into paying more, USGOBUY members are looking for cheaper alternatives. Get the lowest shipping costs and package forwarding services at Shop2Ship. Read below as to why Shop2Ship is better than USGOBUY and why you should start shipping internationally from the USA with Shop2Ship today

USGOBUY Reviews, Testimonials and Experiences

According to many review sites online, there is evidence of USGOBUY member dissatisfaction. Customers are shocked at their shipping costs when it comes time to get their products out their facility. Customers are looking for cheaper alternatives to USGOBUY to help them gain access to USA online stores. Some USGOBUY member complain about the slow customer service. Find better parcel forwarding customer service at Shop2ship. Spend less money at Shop2ship, the best alternative to USGOBUY.

Lower Shipping Costs at Shop2Ship

USGOBUY has very inflated shipping costs. From small to big packages, USGOBUY’s prices are not competitive in the mail forwarding industry. USGOBUY  has cheaper alternatives in Shop2Ship. Shop2Ship has the lowest international shipping costs from the USA. International shoppers around the globe are gaining access to Shop2ship and saving big! make the switch from USGOBUY today, to start saving on your international shipping costs.

Double storage days at Shop2Ship

USGObuy has 60 days of free storage. With is reasonable but not ideal for international shoppers who want to make use of sales at different times in the year. Gain access to 120 free days of storage with Shop2ship. We want to give our members extra time to make use of our international shipping services.

USGOBUY Expensive service fees

Get lower service fees as well and lower shipping costs at Shop2Ship! Consolidation, handling and other fees are much lower at shop2ship. The reshipping process from Shop2Ship is a much better parcel forwarding service is terms of price as well as processing time. Shop on USA websites and Ship internationally with Shop2Ship.