MyUS Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship

//MyUS Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship
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Looking for a CHEAPER Alternative to MyUS? Look No further than Shop2Ship!

Shop2Ship is far more cost effective Package Forwarding service than MyUS! Shop2Ship offers a FREE premium membership to all users. Shop2Ship’s low shipping costs and fast processing create a better customer experience to Shop2Ship. MyUS is a very established multi-million dollar company and has been in the Parcel/Mail industry for over a decade. Read below for cost comparisons of MyUS and Shop2Ship. Customer Satisfaction Rate

With many reviews online, one can ascertain that MyUS has a few errors in their membership setup. Their Single package membership doesn’t offer consolidation and is therefore not ideal for package forwarding. MyUS testimonials and reviews online show that customers are fed up with their high prices and slow processing. Access USA is run under the name MyUS, they have low customer satisfaction rate.

MyUS Membership Fee

Dont want to pay monthly memberships for your package forwarding service? Shop2Ship has a free premium membership option for all members. Everyone has access to services such as consolidation, unlimited packages and access to the lowest shipping costs in the parcel forwarding industry. You will find a cheaper alternative to MyUS in Shop2Ship. Not all customers ship year round, but would like access to their account even if they are inactive for a few months. Shop2Ship offers a lifetime free USA address, with access to premium mail forwarding services.

MyUS Hidden Fees

MyUS states that their Consolidation and Repackaging is free. This is a major bonus and makes their Monthly Fee bearable. But MyUS has many hidden fees that one has to ask about. Some MyUS members assume all their services are free and request photos etc and find out they have been billed later on.


Get Longer Storage with Shop2Ship!

MyUS only offers 30 days of free storage, this doesnt allow international shoppers to ship in their own time. Shop2Ship offers 120 free days of free storage. That is close to 4 moths of storage. We here at Shop2Ship would like our members to shop in the USA and ship internationally in their own time. We do not attach fees to storage and we give our members time to ship and make use of year round sales.

“Budget” Shipping Option Scheme

MyUS lures first time users by using their cost calculator to compete with their competitors. They artificially deflate their real shipping costs by adding “Budget Economy” Shipping option. The real problem with their budget option is that  When you calculate an average package weight to check MyUS prices, you will first be attracted to their service due to their budget options. When you actually ship and consolidate, MyUS members find themselves paying higher than calculated. With Shop2Ship, our pricing structure is transparent and fair.

Best Alternative to MyUS? Shop2Ship!

Without a doubt, Shop2Ship is the cheapest parcel forwarding services in the USA. Their shipping costs are the lowest in the industry and their service fees are minimal. Shop2Ship also helps you custom declare your goods at any value, to help you with import tax/duties. Shop2Ship is the best package forwarder with regards to price, app usage and customer satisfaction. Many international shoppers hoping to gain access to US online stores switching to Shop2Ship, a newer company with lower shipping rates, faster processing and better customer service. There are no better alternatives to than Shop2Ship!