Our Shipping Partners : DHL EXPRESS

//Our Shipping Partners : DHL EXPRESS

Our Shipping Partners : DHL EXPRESS

Shop on your favorite US online stores and Ship globally with DHL Express!  1-4 Day door-to-door express delivery from the USA. Gain access to the best international couriers in the world with the Shop2Ship Package Forwarding Service. Worldwide shipping from the USA using DHL guarantees a reliable, express door-to-door delivery service. Priority services at economical prices. Shop on your favorite USA online stores with a FREE Shop2Ship USA shopping address, ship globally with DHL Express. DHL Express is the most premium shipping option for Shop2Ship members, boasting an incredibly high satisfaction rating. DHL truly is the most reliable international parcel carrier!

Why we LOVE DHL Express

Live tracking shows you where your package is. Great customer service. Low distribution costs compared to the other couriers. Delivery is always timely and extremely reliable. DHL offers a premium service at budget prices, which is why is is Shop2Ship users favorite express courier. Shop2Ship has been partnered with DHL from the day we opened business, with the aim to allow Shop2Ship members to have access to low cust door-to-door shipping from the U.S . We hope to further build our relationship with DHL and getting lower and lower shipping costs for the Shop2Ship members around the globe. DHL can ensure global delivery from the USA in 1- 4 days.

Shop2Ship has become the largest exporter of packages in the Miami area with DHL. This is a huge honor and a great testament as how Shop2Ship has grown and impacted the international shipping scene.


(International Delivery from the USA within 1-4 days)

DHL Express  guarantees speedy international door-to-door delivery from the United States of America – globally. This is the most premium service with a reasonable price tag. DHL competes in price and in service with FedEz  Priority. Your products take a shorter route and arrive in absolutely no time. DHL Express has incredible reviews from Shop2Ship members. DHL has a sound reputation and is incredibly reliable no matter where your package is being shipped in the world!

Other Shipping Options offered by Shop2Ship


FedEx Priority directly competes in price against DHL. In certain countries, DHL shipping rates are cheaper for example in central/south america and east Asia. DHL express tends to be the faster service but promises the same delivery time as FedEx priority in most countries. These competition between FedEx and DHL results in incredible low shipping costs in the end for the Shop2Ship member! FedEx remains more popular due to the economy selection.


Shop2Ship has teamed up with the the United States Postal Service to ship globally from the USA. The options are USPS Priority Mail International and USPS Priority Mail Express International. Priority Mail international promises global delivery in 10- 20 days, Express in 7-15 days. DHL has live tracking of the parcels whereas USPS does not. DHL is a far faster, safer and reliable service. These products may compete in price but DHL is a far superior service.

UPS Expedited, Saver and Express

UPS Express compete against DHL Express in terms of delivery speed, but UPS tends to be more expensive in terms of shipping costs. UPS however does have lower last mile distribution costs for the Shop2Ship members. DHL is a far cheaper solution that UPS express. UPS has been lowering its rates to try compete against the low international shipping prices of DHL and FedEx . DHL has the far more affordable service and a more premium service simultaneously. DHL remains the shipping choice for South america and East Asian.


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Shop on USA online stores and Ship internationally with Shop2Ship & DHL!

Get global delivery with DHL from amazing USA Online stores such as Amazon, ebay, NewEgg, Nike, Walmart, Target and much more! Ship internationally with DHL by using the FREE Shop2Ship parcel forwarding service. Gain access to cheap shipping from the USA with DHL Express. We Ship to over 200 countries worldwide with DHL, primisng delivery to your  . Now everyone in the world can shop from US online stores. Shop2Ship is the cheapest package forwarding service in the industry, also offering same-day processing. Register with Shop2Ship today, there are NO membership fees or commitments. Consolidate your packages together to save on global shipping costs with DHL .

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