Gymshark sells the best in high quality gym, training, active-wear and general exercise clothing for men and women. Great aesthetic and flattering clothing that is made with incredible fabrics that are super breathable and long-lasting. International shipping & Package Forwarding from Gymshark USA with Shop2Ship is the way to gain access to this incredible online store if you don’t live in the countries where they delver to.

Why we LOVE Gymshark

They are an industry leader in active wear. They are most famous for their ladies selection of leggings and tops. The fabric they use is of the highest quality. The stitching and the fit of their clothes is extremely flattering and give you that almost naked feel. The clothes are extremely well prices for what you get in return. Gymshark has some of the most well known influencers using and promoting their products, showing that this brand is being used by the people that excel in their field.

Our Favorite Products from Gymshark for Men


Tight fit and breathable fabric. Perfect as a undershirt or a shirt itself. Great for those cold mornings/evening training sessions


Great flexibility, no restriction in movement. Breathable fabric and a very flattering fit.

Our Favorite Products from Gymshark for the Ladies


This is Gymshark’s latest release of leggings. The waistband is incredible comfortable, the shape is wonderfully flattering and this is fully capable of surviving the most intense gym sessions without restricting movement. This is seamless which is amaing due to the quality of the fit


They feel as comfortable as they look! Perfect for the your rest day. Look good while feeling comfortable.


parcel forwarding from gymshark usa

Training leggings with a bit of flair! Incredible fabric, comfortable waistband and a very flattering fit.


Wonder full seamless bra, extremely comfortable. Elegant and functional. Matches perfectly with the Gymshark Energy+ leggings.

Parcel Forwarding from the Gymshark USA online Store

Save on shopping from the USA by consolidating your purchases. Try Gymshark for your next active-wear clothing haul. Package Forwarding is the cheapest way to shop for clothes and electronics, so consolidate all you items together with a free US mail forwarding addres with Shop2Ship. Sign-up for an account with no membership fees. Visit our shipping cost calculator and parcel forwarding service page to see what your options are. Try Gymshark for you next shopping haul and save on shipping costs with our consolidation service! Shop2Ship is the industry leasder in package forwarding from the USA.


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