New Year, New You! its time to finally make that new years resolution come true and get in shape. Can’t find what you need in your country? or maybe it just too expensive? Then buy yourself the best workout equipment from USA online stores such as Amazon, eBayWalmart & many more! Have them shipped internationally to your home with a free Package Forwarding address form Shop2Ship.

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These are just some of the best choice to get a head start on the new year new you resolution.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate + Fitness Band Activity Tracker::Meet your new healthcare consultant who’s always on call. The Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate + Fitness Band Activity Tracker monitors your heart rate 24/7, tracks calorie burn, 15-plus exercises, goal progress, sleep and more. Every day, you’ll receive valuable insights regarding your health, which empower you to take action, improve habits and reach fitness targets. And, Fitbit Charge 3 offers extra benefits like weather apps plus call, text and app notifications. Special Edition (SE) versions feature an extra band and Fitbit pay tag so you can check out without your wallet. Knock out your workout without being weighed down by cumbersome necessities if you swing by the store on your way home.

Manduka X All Purpose Fitness Mat

The Manduka X Yoga Mat is designed for athletes ready to add a professional quality mat to their arsenal of workout tools. Ideal for multi-purpose use, it’s portable enough to carry to and from the gym, field, studio and home. Superior density and cushioning provide both joint protection and comfort.

Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastics Rings

These workout rings include two solid 9″ wooden rings, two 1.5″x15 ft heavy duty trainers with 1.5″ military-grade webbing straps that can hold athletes that weigh up to 800 lbs.  The rings use thick military grade webbing straps that can hold athletes that weigh up to 800 lbs. The Dual-Safe buckle ensures the straps won’t slip through. Complete your workout with maximum intensity and full security. Gym rings allow you to do hundreds of full body workouts that require you to use all of your muscle groups together, providing maximum training balance. Emerge workout rings fit practically anywhere. Take your new rings with you wherever you go; the gym, your home, hotel, and even the park!

YEEGO Indoor Chin Up Bar

Built for durability and sturdiness, this is the ultimate muscle fitness training equipment to strengthen and develop your back, biceps, arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles. There’s no simple and affordable way to take your upper-body workout to the next level effectively. Use at home to strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, and arms three grip positions for toning various parts of the upper body. Great for pull ups, chin ups, tricep dips, push ups and sit ups.

LAFENI Ab Roller

The ab roller works much more than just your abdominals. Your entire core, which includes your obliques, lower back, hips and the deeper layers of core musculature, all get hit very hard during roll-out exercise. It improves posture. A large number of the population suffer from poor posture as a result of our modern lifestyles: too much sitting and not enough activity or exercise. Then ab roller can help to improve bad posture and enhance good posture even further. Reduce or prevent back pain. Roll-outs are an anti-extension exercise and will strengthen those exact muscles that are likely to be weak and causing back pain. You can do them anywhere. I know this may be kind of obvious but it really is an excellent benefit. Ab rollers are very portable and light so you can get in a serious core workout no matter where you are.


TOPLUS Resistance Bands

Made of high quality 100% natural latex. Each exercise band is made in exquisite workmanship, no burr and no flaw. Perfect for any kind of workouts like Yoga , Pilates, CrossFit, Stretching, ect. Designed for both men and women. With excellent stretching abilities and 5 different levels. Perfect for any fitness levels whether you are a beginner, amateur, sportsmen or athlete. Resistance Exercise Bands are often used for various types of sports and fitness but are also ideal for physical therapists to help them rehabilitate their patients. They are also perfect for women to keep their bodies in shape after pregnancy.

GINEE Resistance Bands

These Natural latex bands can be stretched repeatedly and not deform. Four levels for different crowd: Purple(81.9*0.2*0.51 inch,15-35Lbs) :For Office Worker,Family Women,Fitness Beginners. Red (81.9*0.2*0.83 inch,25-65Lbs):For Office Worker,Family Women,Fitness Beginners,Fitness coach Green (81.9*0.2*1.14 inch,35-85Lbs):Fitness Beginners,Fitness coach,Fitness Fanatic, Black(81.9*0.2*1.46 inch,45-105Lbs):Fitness coach,Fitness Fanatic,Olympic Athletes. Pull up assistance,power resistance exercise,GYM stretch training,Yoga exercise,and other strength-training. Use it,You can workout arms muscles, legs muscles,abdominal muscles,and so on.

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