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Frequent-shipper Program

To make your shopping and shipping experience even better, Shop2Ship introduced the Frequent-shipper program – so members can enjoy greater comfort, faster delivery and many exclusive privileges. The Frequent-shipper program provides benefits for several different levels, all of which are valid for a year.

When you first register with Shop2Ship, you automatically become a blue member. You will receive your exclusive Frequent-shipper card with your first order.

Just like airline loyalty cards you can collect miles by shipping. The distance between Shop2Ship’s warehouse in Miami and your delivery country is calculated automatically and miles are credited to your account. As soon as you reach the application criteria for a higher status, you can enjoy the next level of benefits.

Key benefits
Frequent Shipper Members
Application criteria  none „30,000 Miles/6 Shippment per Year“ „60,000 Miles/12 Shippment per Year“ none
Registration Fee Free Free Free Free
Monthly Fee
(Annual Fee)
 Free Free Free $15, ($99)
Benefits Reduced Costs Highly Reduced Costs Highly Reduced Costs
Handling Priority 4. 3. 2. 1.
Free Storage 50 Days 60 Days 70 Days 100 Days
Special Services Customer Support Customer Support Vip Customer Support Vip Customer Support
Special Offers Special Vouchers Special Vouchers

Cost of our services

The prices of Shop2Ship’s services are below industry average, this is possible due to highly efficient processes, high volume, reliable partners, our professional team and a unique custom-made software. Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we offer our customers the best services at the most competitive prices.

We reward you for your loyalty with even lower prices and more benefits.

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Betreutes Einkaufen  $ 7
+ 9% Service + 4,3% Bankgebühr der Gesamtbestellung
$ 6
+ 9% Service + 4,3% Bankgebühr der Gesamtbestellung
$ 5
+ 8% Service + 4,3% Bankgebühr der Gesamtbestellung
$ 3
+ 7% Service + 4,3% Bankgebühr der Gesamtbestellung
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* Der Monatsbeitrag für unsere Premiummitglieder ist bis zum 3. jedes Monats fällig.
** Die tägliche Lagegebühr ist fällig, nachdem die erste kostenlose Lageperiode abgelaufen ist.