Bundle all your purchases in to one box! Have the freedoms of shopping at multiple stores and shipping in one box! This will dramatically reduce your shipping costs. Consolidation is the most popular Shop2Ship Parcel Forwarding service! Buy from stores like Amazon USA, Nike, Lululemon and combine all your electronics and clothes into one box! Consolidation is the key to package forwarding from the USA.


Save on Shipping Costs!

Some Shop2Ship customers see a 90% reduction on shipping costs! This is our most requested service. Most sellers do not package your goods to save on shipping costs. Shop2Ship will automatically reduce the box size when you select consolidation. We will reduce the box size to help you save on shipping costs.

Consolidation is the Key to Parcel Forwarding from the USA!



Combine as many packages together for one FLAT FEE! Shop2Ship encourages consolidation by offering a flat rate for consolidation. This is to encourage our reshipping customers by lowering the Service fees associated to this consolidation process. Consolidation is the key to package forwarding because of its ability to reduce shipping costs. This service make shopping on USA online stores much more affordable. We encourage all users to bundle their purchases in one box.


Flat Fee Consolidation

Shop2Ship encourages you to consolidate your boxes with a flat fee consolidation.

So now you can shop on multiple different websites and ship internationally with Shop2Ship.


Automatic Box Size reduction

Shop2Ship reduces the box size as much as possible to reduce your reshipping costs.


Our Favorite USA online stores!






Consolidation Methods

Reduce packaging material

Removes all excess packing material.

Keep original Packaging

Keep the original box and label and put inside consolidated package.

Keep Retail Box

Do you want to keep you shoe box or remove it to further save on shipping costs.


Parcel Forwarding from the USA – Price reduction Service

Consolidation is the key to reducing your shipping costs. Create a free USA parcel forwarding address with Shop2Ship. We have no membership fees and flat rate consolidation. Here is a list of our other services we provide as well as our shipping rates. Shop on USA Online stores and ship to Colombia, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Brazil, Ecuador, Poland U.K and much more! We are a Package Forwarder with the lowest rates and fastest processing time. Buy goods on Amazon USA, NewEgg, Ebay, Nordstrom, GAP, Target, Best Buy and much more and ship internationally with US package forwarding provided by Shop2Ship USA


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