Is your computer getting slow? Are you thinking it’s time to upgrade? You can go to your local electronics good store and pay for an over priced computer that could become obsolete by the following year, or you can BUILD YOUR OWN!

To learn more about Parcel/Package Forwarding, please click here. The best part is that you can buy all the parts you need and then ship it globally with  no US taxes to worry about!



A computer is nothing with out its brain and you can think of the processor as just that. Depending on how many cores and which generation your processor belongs it will vary in speed and performance. Regardless of which you pick the processor is a vital part of the PC Build. You can search for your own HERE.


Keeping with the human body analogies, the motherboard is very much like the central nervous system of the computer. It organizes the electrical signals of the system and this is where all the components of the computer are plugged into as well. You can start shopping for yours HERE.


Then there’s the graphics card, this is what makes a big difference in the video quality of the computer itself. It can also be the most expensive part in the computer as well due to more recent industries popping up that rely heavily on these specific computer components. You can shop for Graphic Cards HERE.


These are just but a few of the parts you need to make a computer yourself. If you are curious as to what else you may need you can refer to, they can help out with that. The you go on over to Newegg  , Gearbeast or Amazon to buy all the parts you need. Finally you use Shop2Ship to ship all these parts to where ever you may be in the world. No matter how many parts you order, we will consolidate your order into one easy to ship box. Please visit our services page to learn more about our consolidation service, click here . Then with package forwarding you can receive your order in no time at all. Sign up here to receive you free USA Parcel Forwarding address. There has never been a better time to Shop USA and Ship Globally.

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