How does Shop2Ship works?

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When requested Shop2Ship will consolidate & reduce packaging size

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Simply fill in your name, address and e-mail to register. You can begin shopping right away using your personal Shop2Ship address!

  • No registration fees
  • Join our free frequent shipper program
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Shop Tax-free Online

You can shop online at Amazon, eBay, or with any of our 60 partners tax-free. You can also shop on a number of other websites in the USA or worldwide with Shop2Ship.

  • Sales Tax-free shopping
  • Worldwide support
  • Exclusive deals from our partners

Set delivery Address to Shop2Ship

Once you’ve finished online shopping, simply enter your personal Shop2Ship address as your delivery address – in most cases this includes free shipping within the USA.

  • Frequently qualified for nationwide free shipping
  • Track your parcel within the Shop2Ship App
  • Get informed when your parcel arrived

Save big on international shipping

Don’t pay for shipping air! Let Shop2Ship remove extensive packaging material and only pay for what you need by using our consolidation service.

  • Save up to 70% on shipping cost by consolidating
  • Add giftwrapping
  • Remove original invoice

Choose your preferred carrier

Shop2Ship has partnered up with a number of global couriers. Shop2Ship offers a perfect mix of 24h express and economy shipping options to meet your needs.

  • 24h international express shipping
  • Ship to over 239 destinations
  • Lowest economy shipping prices

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